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Metal Earth Harry Potter Gringott's Dragon Model Kit
From Rad to RichesThere is only one way we would ever want to encounter the dragon protecting the vaults at Gringott's...and that's in the form of this Metal Earth Harry Potter Gringott's Dragon Model Kit! Put together the ferocious beast one ...
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Triceratops Metal Earth Model Kit
Bone Sweet HomeA science-lover like yours will love to put together this intricate and lifelike Triceratops Dinosaur Model Kit...Either way, your kid will flip for it...
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Tyrannosaurus Rex Metal Earth Model Kit
T-Rex for TwoSo, maybe you don't want to enjoy a brew with a real T-Rex...Fair enough...
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1908 Ford Model T Metal Earth Model Kit
The Game ChangerAs a car aficionado, you know the impact the Model T had on the world...Pay homage to the original car for the masses with this 1908 Ford Model T Car Craft Kit! After you have fun putting this lifelike replica together, you can ...
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Iconx Game of Thrones House Stark Sigil Metal Earth
Direwolf ForeverAlright, so the Starks rarely have things going particularly well for them.....but even before the final season began, we all knew that they would make it out on top! Show your love for the sturdiest of all Game of Thrones ...
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Eiffel Tower Metal Earth Model Kit
A Real TripSo maybe you're not ready to spring for that trip to Paris just yet...it doesn't mean you can't enjoy coffee and a croissant beside the Eiffel Tower! Just grab this Eiffel Tower Model Kit, put it together, and voila—you have the...
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Doctor Who Tardis Craft Model Kit
It's Bigger on the Inside!We know, Tardis' aren't really built, they're grown...But when you put together this Metal Earth Doctor Who Tardis Model Kit, we think you'll feel enough like The Doctor that you won't even be able to tell the difference...
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Doctor Who Rusty K-9 Model Kit
Robotic Dogs Won't Chew Your ShoesDo you love dogs, but want one that's low-maintenance? This officially licensed Metal Earth Doctor Who Rusty K-9 Model Kit is the perfect dog for you! You won't need tennis balls or food, just a little oil......
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Iconx Game of Thrones Red Keep Model Metal Earth
Better Than GearsThe opening of Game of Thrones isn't just an amazing theme...It's got an astounding way of constructing the whole world...
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Star Trek Metal Earth Enterprise NCC-1701 Model Kit
All Set for AdventureAre you someone who goes on adventures simply because it's something you haven't done before? Well then, it sounds like Star Trek is the perfect kind of fandom for you...Next time you go forth into the unknown, take this Star ...
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Black Pearl Pirate Ship Model Kit
Ship ShapeIf you're not quite ready to commandeer a ship and fly your pirate flag just yet, you can still enjoy high seas adventures as you assemble this Black Pearl Metal Earth Model Kit! It's an incredibly detailed replica of the famed multi-...
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Metal Earth Star Wars BB-8 Model Kit
A Worthy SuccessorTo be honest, we weren't sure about Star Wars without R2-D2...But BB-8 did great filling some pretty large shoes...
Vendor: Fascinations
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NASA Apollo Lunar Module Model Kit
One Small Step-by-StepAny space-lover in your life will absolutely love engaging with this NASA Apollo Lunar Module Metal Earth Model Kit! It helps you assemble an incredibly detailed and lifelike version of the lunar module...When you're done, ...
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DC Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Model Kit
Batmobile BuildingLooking for the perfect gift for the Batman fan in your life? This officially licensed Metal Earth Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Model Kit doubles as decoration and an activity! The completed 3D model Batmobile ...
Vendor: Fascinations
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Metal Earth Iron Man Helmet Model Kit
Titanium TitanLooking for the perfect gift for the Avengers fan in your life? This officially licensed Metal Earth Iron Man Helmet Model Kit doubles as decoration and an activity! The completed 3D model helmet measures about 2.5 inches tall and ...
Vendor: Fascinations
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Metal Earth Captain America's Shield Model Kit
RARE AND WONDERFULVibranium remains a rather rare substance, even after trade negotiations with Wakanda begin...Some additional tools are helpful to finish construction, but no glue or solder are needed to have this shield be all your own! ...
Vendor: Fascinations
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Metal Earth Star Wars Tie Fighter Model Kit
Twin Ion Attention to DetailYou know, a talented TIE pilot could fly circles around an X-Wing...Just watch out for the Falcon over your shoulder when you put this together...
Vendor: Fascinations
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Metal Earth Thor Hammer Mjolnir Model Kit
WHOSOEVER BUILDS IT...Sure, technically the power of the god of thunder awaits those who are worthy to wield the weapon, Mjolnir...But, what about those who help in its construction!? Don't they also have to pick the thing up? See? Instant ...
Vendor: Fascinations
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Himeji Castle Metal Earth Model Kit
Timeless Architectural WonderHimeji Castle has been around for over 500 years! The largest and most visited in Japan, it's about time you brought home a piece of it with this Himeji Castle Metal Earth Model Kit...Appreciate the beauty of classic ...
Vendor: Fascinations
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DC Batman 1989 Batmobile Model Kit
Model fit for the MoviesLooking for the perfect gift for the Batman fan in your life? This officially licensed Metal Earth Batman 1989 Batmobile Model Kit doubles as decoration and an activity! The completed 3D model Batmobile measures ...
Vendor: Fascinations
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