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-Spider And Ground Bee Killer 10 Ounce
SPIDER AND GROUND BEE KILLERKills and repels spiders, wasps, hornets, ground bees, ants and more.Helps protect against painful stings and bites.Kills other listed insects as well.Includes snorkel tube applicator for ...
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-Household Insect Fogger 6 Ounce
HOUSEHOLD INSECT FOGGERA total release aerosol insecticide for the control of dozens of insect pests in homes, garages, closets and other areas.Kills on contact, kills hidden bugs.Non-staining and water-based.One can ...
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MPN: 109664
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-197 Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap Kit
FeaturesTraps and Kills Adult Japanese Beetle Trap Using A Dual Floral and Pheromone Lure SystemKit Contains - 1 Lure, 1 Lure Holder, 4 Collection Bags, 1 Twist Tie Trap Hanger and 1 Twist Tie ClosureApply...
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MPN: 197
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-Repels-all Animal Repellent Rtu 1 Gallon
REPELS-ALL ANIMAL REPELLENT RTUAll-natural formula safely repels more than twenty animal pests.Repels by sense of touch, taste and smell...Prevents and stops cribbing.Rainfast in 6 hours and lasts for up to 2 months.Can be used ...
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MPN: 912129
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-Mosquito Beater Rts 1 Quart
MOSQUITO BEATER RTSAttach to garden hose and apply...No mixing required.Controls mosquitoes, gnats, houseflies, flying moths and clusterflies.Spray outside surfaces of screens, doors, window frames or wherever annoying...
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MPN: 109432
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 037321006800
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-Household Insect Control Rtu 32 Ounce
HOUSEHOLD INSECT CONTROL RTUNew, advanced third generation pyrethroid technology.Quick acting, long lasting , odorless and water based.Great for indoor & outdoor control of any biting, stinging, flying, crawling&#...
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MPN: 109250
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